Square has a long tradition in the Fashion industry. Today is reuniting talents from the Fashion industry, creatives, advisors from top brands to reframe the fashion production process

2004 - The beginning

Square was born as a Typical Model Agency: Scouting, Bookings, Fashion Jobs, Model Management, Model Apartments, Pocket Money and all what goes with it.


In Milan, the modeling industry shifted and SQUARE evolved into a Production Company and a Scouting Agency. We partnered with more than 250 models agencies and scouted more than 7.000 girls around the globe. A pool of start uppers and creatives reunited with the founder and worked at several new initiatives: we got assigned the production of Fashion magazines Editorials, Musical Video-clips, Shootings for Catalogues, a Make-up Academy and the Cooperation with some Ferrari-Challenge sponsors. At the same time, we put together 15 nightlife experts in order to launch Q-Exclusive, a Concierge-Service satisfying different needs like Entertainment, Life-Style, Travels, Personal Shoppers, Club Tables, Super-Cars, Yachts, etc.


The Operating Business has been moved to Bratislava and Moscow while the focus was addressed on Scouting new Talents and Manage them as a Mother Agency. In the same period, the present business idea was born: A Social Media Platform called ModelClub, serving over 1,500 models with affordable or free Beauty Salons, Gyms and Dinners, with services ranging from Law and Medical Consultation, reductions on Hotels, affordable Accommodation, Touristic Tips, Luggage Storage, etc.: basically, all what a foreign person would need in town.



The Social-Media Project was optimized through a more sophisticated Approach. The name Model Club was abandoned after the launch of an Escort-app with the same name. However, with a very poor product, this name still exists, as one of the previous team-members took possession of it. SQUARE, following its initial guidelines, focused on developing a High Quality and more Technologically Advanced Product which comprises 4 business units, a Community of 2.000 active Models, and App with Gamification, Credit System, and a AI Solutions.